Honey Pot Everyday Herbal Pantiliners
The perfect pantiliner for light days (and anytime you want a little extra protection). These herbal pad liners are made from pesticide-free cotton and infused with essential oils, which creates a gentle, "cooling" sensation that makes for a more peaceful...
$9.99 $8.99
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Honey Pot Normal Foaming Intimate Wash
Hydrate your vulva and balance your pH for long-lasting freshness with this feminine wash. One rinse with our plant-derived feminine cleanser and you'll kick your soap to the curb. Best of all, our intimate body wash is cruelty-free so you can feel good...
$11.99 $10.49
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Honey Pot Organic Duo-Pack Tampons BPA FREE
This tampon variety pack offers complete coverage for light, regular, and heavy days. Our organic tampons are comfortable and safe to use. Kiss your traditional tampons goodbye with a combo pack of tampons from The Honey Pot! 👍🏾 Certified organic...
$9.99 $7.99
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HONEY POT Sensitive Foam Intimate Wash
Use our sensitive feminine wash to balance your pH, boost moisture and soothe while gently cleansing your most delicate parts.  The formula for this intimate cleanser for sensitive skin is plant-derived and made with herbal ingredients. Check out our sensitive feminine wipes...
The Honey Pot Sensitive Wipes 30 Ct
Break free from frequent BV, UTIs, and unpleasant odors with these Sensitive Feminine Wipes. Designed with your honey pot in mind, these wipes use the botanical strength of soothing chamomile, moisturizing aloe vera, and softening lemon to balance your body’s...
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