Clip In VS Tape In’s?- Which Is Best For You?

Ever wanted additional length for your hair without the commitment of waiting for hair growth? How about volume that can be harder to achieve with finer hair? Well you're in luck because Curly Curl Luv is here to inform you on all your questions about Tape In & Clip In hair extensions. It will become your new BFF once we’re done walking you through the ropes of its benefits!

All About Clip In and Tape In’s

Clip in and Tape In extensions are made from natural human hair with a variety of shades & tones to match your hair color; whether it's brunette, blonde, or even highlights! What these hair extensions can offer are fullness, volume, coverage, and length to your tresses. It's amazing how these pieces of extensions can transform anyone’s looks and overall feel about their hair. Talk about a new look in two hours or less! Let’s get into depth of how Clip In & Tape In extensions work.

What Are Clip Ins? 

Clip In’s are human hair tracks sewn onto little comb clamps that lock in once closed. They can be added into the hair by backcombing your hair (to prevent them from slipping out), opening the clamp into place of desired hair section, closing the clamp and Whola! It's in place and secure for up to two weeks. Cleanse them like you would with your natural hair with shampoo and conditioner. When refreshing; uninstall them, cleanse, and reattach. The extensions can be used several times as well as removed whenever you like.

    Here are photos from Elle Magazine on how to apply Clip Ins!

                                                  What Are Tape In’s?

Tape In’s are thin human hair tracks attached with double-sided tape. These hair extensions have more longevity (wear for 4-8 weeks!) due to the supreme hold of the tape. It's usually performed within a salon because it’s a bit more technical for the placement of the head along with removing them safely. Tape Ins (unlike Clip Ins), can be shampooed and styled while still attached to your hair! It can also be used several times as well. Removal of the Tape-In extensions come off with alcohol or an oil but work slowly and be patient; you don’t want to rip out your hair!

                                                    Images by Starr Savoy

  Which One Is Right For You?

     Now you're probably wondering which hair extensions are right for you? Well here are some pros and cons to help better determine which will be a better alternative for your needs, lifestyle, and overall look.

Pros of Clip Ins

Easy to remove and install: Straightforward and beginner friendly. Simply clip them and where you want them and achieve added length and volume in less than five minutes!

Two Types of Hair: Options of synthetic or human hair based on your budget

Maintenance: Simply shampoo, condition, install, and style

Affordable: Prices start at $38.99

Cons on Clip Ons

Install does not last as long: Lasts about 7-14 days within the hair. It can also look spotty if placed incorrectly. 


*Eve Hair Platino Clip In 7PCS (human hair touch) from $32.99-$38.99 

*Eve Hair Luv Clip In 9PCS (100% Remi Human Hair) from $114.99-$129.99 

Pros of Tape Ins

Longevity: Installs last from 4-8 weeks!

Variety of Shades: More color options to match your tones and highlights

Quality of hair: Has a higher grade of hair with a seamless look

Easy Everyday Wear: Can be washed and styled while installed with added length and volume that can be reused again.

Cons of Tape Ins

Pricey: This is higher quality of hair with prices starting at $199.99

Installation and Removal: Usually requires assistance to install by a professional and in conjunction with removing the extensions. It takes time & patience to remove along with prep methods to reuse extensions can be tedious (removing glue residue from tracks and reapplying new tape)

*Eve Velcose Tape In Pure Remi Virgin Hair  Extensions are $199.99

 Well now that you know the benefits and options of what Tape Ins and Clip In hair extensions has to offer for your beauty needs, next is deciding what hair, color, and style you want! Here at Curly Gurl Luv, we have options here for you. From curly, blonde, brunette, black, straight, and more! Come shop our hair extensions in store or shop online. We are located within the city of Lawndale across from the South Bay Galleria at 4443 Redondo Beach BLVD Lawndale, CA 90260. We are positive you will find what you're looking for but if you need any assistance, let our beauty advisors help guide you towards the best decision that fits you!

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