Our Story

Black women are the number one consumers of hair care retail, but we are almost entirely absent from ownership. Curly Gurl Luv was born out of a commitment to bridge this gap and create a modern one-stop shop beauty supply store for people with curly, coily, kinky, and thick hair. Curly Gurl Luv is a community for black, brown, and multicultural women to shop, learn natural hair care, and celebrate their beauty! We are a proud black-owned business. Christina Smith and her husband are the co-founders of Curly Gurl Luv. As a Los Angeles native and former special education teacher, Christina is passionate about investing in communities of color. Together, they have worked to curate a space designed for us, and by us.


We are dedicated to being champions of “Self-Luv” by providing you with the best beauty brands, hair care tips, & customer service.

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