L.A. Girl Gel Extreme Shine Gel-Like Nail Polish - GNL652 Charming
Gel Extreme Shine Gel-Like Polish!The stars, diamonds, or the future, nothing will shine as bright as you or your manicure babe! Gel Extreme Shine Gel-Like Polish has a high shine finish that shines like a gel and lasts longer than...
Every set of IGL Nails Press-On Fashion can be completely customized. Each set includes 28 nails of 14 different sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for each fingernail. The application process is super easy and can be done in just a...
from $8.99
Kiss Powerflex Precision Nail Glue (0.10oz)
Instantly Repairs Breaks And Tears, Extended Nozzle For Precise Aim, Flex Formula, Ultra-Hold
Creamy hydrator stretches out kinks, defines curls & softens dry, brittle strands. Sweet almond oil helps moisturize and leave an elegant feel to the hair. The oils and proteins in coconut oil work well to help keep hair from losing...
Super Nail Acetone Polish Remover (Lime-Green) (4oz)
When you want to change your nail look, try SuperNail’s Acetone Polish Remover Yellow. This remover is made from acetone for the easiest removal ever. Use it to remove acrylics, gel polish, nail wraps, nail polish, and more. It’s the...
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Kiss File Wide Board Grinder
For grooming perfection Suitable for both professional & personal use
Kiss Vita Bond Nail Glue Pink Tint (0.17oz)
The first ever nail glue to infuse vitamins to nourish nails while they bond to artificial nails.- Odorless Formula- Sheer color- Easy, brush-on applicator- Secure hold- Vitamin A & E infused- Superior Hold- Helps Promote Healthier Nails
Trim Toenail Clippers Deluxe with File (6in)
Maintain a well-groomed look and keep your feet looking their best with these Trim Deluxe Toenail Clippers with File. They are made of a high-quality material and easy to use. These toenail clippers have an oversized opening that lets you...
No time for a salon visit or prefer to save and DIY? Mastering DIY acrylic nails at home is not difficult (in fact, KISS makes it easy!) and results are strong nails, with long-lasting results. KISS French Acrylic Sculpture Kit...
Kiss File Magic Shine
Double-sided extra-fine nail file. It provides extra shine to the natural nail. Extra-smooth high gloss finish Best for natural nails Shines like a topcoat
KISS- 20 Salon Tip Nails (Bag)
Kiss 20 salon tip nails bag are partial cover artificial nails are made to wear nail polish longer than natural nails without chipping. These artificial nails are available in a variety of lengths, shapes and sizes, kiss nails come with...
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Kiss Majestic Nails Long Length - Gold
This high-end manicure features long coffin shape pink and gold glitter nails with rich jewel accents.Nails are rewearable up to 3 times & take minutes to apply.Durable, flexible & super comfortable
Kiss Powerflex Brush on Nail Glue (0.17oz) BGL311
Built-in Brush-professional nail glue bonds quickly, it brush with evenly and easy to apply on nails Brushes on evenly to prevent air pockets, Precision application, easy brush for application Widely Use - Acrylic nail tips glue perfect for false nails,...
Gold Finger Glam GD14 - Glam GD14
This luxury press on nail set by Kiss is sure to turn heads with its bright color and stiletto matte finish. These nails are easy to apply and look just as luxurious as a set you'd get in a salon....
Restores dry brittle nails Softens cuticles Remove cuticles painlessly
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Kiss Voguish Fantasy Nails 28 Ct. Tie-Dyed Long
Instantly on trend! Voguish high fashion colors and nail art designs are the focus of this super chic lineup of the latest looks for your tips. Durable, flexible & super comfortable Waterproof, smudge proof, & no dry time
KISS- Fantasy Sculpted Nails Long - Back it Up
High volume ready-to-wear gel nails with a high arch just like salon sculpted acrylic false nails! These are durable, flexible, comfortable, and take minutes to apply!
from $5.99
KISS Gel Fantasy Nails Long - Urbane
Hands down, these easy to apply DIY fake nails are the trendiest chic styles in town! Ready-to-wear gel manicure takes minutes to apply and lasts for up to 7 days!  Long length, coffin shaped, pink colored nails with a glossy...
Kiss Salon Dip Base Gel (0.25oz)
The DIY dip powder manicure system has everything you need to create a salon-quality manicure, right at home! No UV light is needed & results are incredibly long-lasting!
Kiss Masterpiece Kit 30 Ct. Pink/Silver Glitter
The Kiss Masterpiece nails are a true work of art, with luxurious special effect designs and intricately jeweled art. The best part is you can get nails like these in an instant, right at home, instead of paying high salon...
Annie Stainless Steel Cuticle Nipper (Half Jaw; 4mm)- #6080
Proficiently control trimming tasks with the fine spring action and highly accurate fine point tips of the Almine Cuticle Nipper Half Jaw.
Gold Finger- Solid Colors Long - Lime
KISS Gold Finger Solid Color 24 Nails - Lime #GC17     Full Cover Press on Nails with Long Length: High-quality, ABS Plastic, Various Size, Glue & Manicure Stick included. These fake nails are wearable every day in your life....
KISS- 96 Full Cover ToeNails
Full Cover Toenails 96-Pack: These Full Cover toenails are natural-looking, durable, easy to remove and the number one choice by professionals; Polish and file to any shape and length you like Pedicure in Minutes: This kit has everything you need...
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