Welcome to The Natural Hair Salon at CURLY GURL LUV, your one-stop shop beauty retailer for all things curly hair. Our salon offers braids, twists, silk press, and Loc re-twists hairstyles. Get pampered, relax, and enjoy our premier salon and services. Book and appointment today!

Hair Washing and Maintenance

Shampoo & Blow Dry

30 minutes @ $ 50.00

Cleansing Shampoo and Conditioner with scalp stimulation

Shampoo, Deep Conditioning Treatment, & Blow Dry/out

45 minutes @  $60.00 

Detangle & Go 

30 minutes to 1 hour @ $50.00

Detangling matted tangled hair can be a tedious and painful process. At Curly Gurl Luv say goodbye to all the frustration and tears, and hello to a smooth, hydrated strands all summer long

Deep Treatment

20 minutes @ $30

Deep conditioning to add moisture back into the hair and refresh.

Protein Treatment

20 minutes @ $30

Reconstruct brittle hair with a protein treatment to help build back the bonds and strengthen the hair cuticles.


Thermal Styling

Blow Dry Styling (Blow Out)

1 hour @ $60.00

Includes curling and light straightening.

*Service is for clients with straight to slightly curly hair. If the hair type is between 3A-4C (super curly to highly afro textured) that will require thorough straightening, please refer to Silk Press/Flat Iron Service.

Silk Press

1 hour 30 mins- 2 hours @ $90

Curling Included. Thermal straightening using a Flat Iron. Blown out properly to ensure longevity for the thermal process.



Lock Maintenance- Retwist

2 hours @ $100

Using the palm roll method. Includes wash/conditioning.

Starter Locks

2-3 hours @ $150

Start lock journey with either comb coils or two strand twists. Using square or moon partings based on desired look.

Lock Styling

30 mins to 1 hour @ $40 & Up

Options are Lobster rolls, Two-Strand Twists, or Rod Set.


2 Natural Cornrows

45 minutes @  $60.00

4 Natural Cornrows

1 hour 15 minutes @  $70.00

No hair extensions added.

6 Natural Cornrows

1 hour 30 minutes @  $80.00

No hair extensions added.

8 Natural Cornrows

2 hours  @  $90.00

No hair extensions added.

2-4 with shaved sides (Men’s)

1 hour 15 mins @ $65


Natural Hair Styling

Two Strand Twists

1 hour 30 mins- 2 hours @ $90

Great protective style that lasts up to 2 weeks and can work as a twist out after taken down.

Straight, wavy, chemically straight, or heat damaged hair isn’t ideal for this look.

Twist Out

1 hour 30 mins- 2 hours @ $90

Hair is put into Flat Twists, set under a dryer, and unraveled to achieve curls. This look is great for added curl definition volume, and bounce. Hair must be 5 inches or longer to achieve look.

Bantu Knots

1 hour 30 mins- 2 hours @ $90

Can be set as a style and have to option to take down later for curl definition.

Flexi-Rod Set/Roller Set

1 hour 30 mins- 2 hours @ $90

Wet set that provides voluminous curls, bounce, and shine. Great style to start with when transitioning.

Wash N’ Go

1 hour  @ $60

Great way of defining your own natural curls using products that will enhance and add moisture.

Flat Twist Updo

2 hours @ $120

Medium size Flat Twists styled into an updo with the option of a rod set on top or twists.

Single Plaits (Individuals)

-Half Head

1 hour - 1 hour 30 mins @ $50

-Full Head

2 hours @ $90


Crochet and Twist Styles

Price does not include hair but can be purchased at salon.

Crochet Braids

3 hours  @ $170.00

Using Pre-Twisted, Pre-locked, or Pre-braided crochet hair with the loops

Crochet Weave

5 hours @ $200

Using loose crochet hair with no loops. Also called Invisible Crochet... With an individually braided perimeter and crochet crown, you get the best of both worlds.

Large Kinky Twists 

5 hours @ $200 Mid back Length

An amazing protective style. Try glam long twists by using hair longer than 18 inches. Your hair will be insanely beautiful and guaranteed to make you the center of attention! Short fluffy twists are a great alternative for those who do not like long hair.

Large Marley Twists/Afro Twists

5 hours @ $200 Mid back Length

Can either use Marley or Afro Twist Hair

Large Passion Twists

5 hours @ $200 Mid Back Length

Can use Water Wave type hair extensions.


Kids styles

Price does not include hair but can be purchased at salon.

Natural Hair Styles (within service list) @ $20 off regular price

Large Box braids @ $150

Large Twist Extensions @ $150

Kids Blow dry & wash @ $40

Traditional Box Braids

Price does not include hair but can be purchased at salon.

Large Box Braids

5 hours @ $200 Mid back Length



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